Austin, TX Coffee Shops Bucket List

The idea of going to all coffee shops in Austin, Texas came to mind when I went to Opa Coffee and Wine Bar with two of my work colleagues. Totally random, totally insane, totally accepted the challenge. I’ve always enjoyed going to coffee shops, especially to study – tbt to college. There’s an ambiance about the great ones that give me “the feels.” My personal favorite in Fort Worth *drum roll please * BOUN GIORNO COFFEE. By far my favorite.

For now, let’s move on to list out the coffee shops in Austin.. I’ll strike through the ones I visit and maybe write a blog about it. If you don’t see a coffee shop you’ve been to, leave a comment and i’ll add it to my list. Keep checking this bucket list because I will edit it as I go.

  1. Opa Coffee and Wine Bar (S. Lamar Blvd) 11/18/2015
  2. Epoch Coffee (W. North Loop Blvd) 11/21/2015
  3. Strange Brew, Austin Coffee (Manchaca Rd)
  4. Radio Coffee and Beer (Manchaca Rd)
  5. Black Sheep Lodge (S. Lamar Blvd)
  6. Cherrywood Coffeehouse (E. 38th 1/2 St)
  7. Flightpath Coffee House (Duval St)
  8. Houndstooth Coffee (N. Lamar Blvd)
  9. Thunderbird Coffee (Koenig Ln)
  10. Monkey Nest Coffee (Burnet Rd) Summer 2016
  11. Bennu Coffee (E. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
  12. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters (Lake Austin Blvd)
  13. Dominican Joe Coffee Shop (S. Congress Ave)
  14. Caffe Medici (W. Lynn St)
  15. Strange Brew Austin Coffee (Manchaca Rd)
  16. Halcyon (W. 4th St)
  17. Once Over Coffee Bar (S. 1st St)
  18. Genuine Joe Coffeehouse (W. Anderson Ln)
  19. Pacha Cafe (Burnet Rd)
  20. Jo’s Coffee (W. 2nd St)
  21. Flipnotics (Barton Springs Rd)
  22. Summermoon Coffee Bar (S. 1st St)
  23. La Tazza Fresca (W. 37th St)
  24. Vintage Heart Coffee (E. 7th St)
  25. Juan Pelota Cafe (Nueces St)
  26. Fair Bean Coffee (S. 1st St)
  27. Wright Bros. Brew and Brew (San Marcos St)
  28. Irie Bean Coffee Bar (S. Lamar Blvd)
  29. Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge (Bee Cave Rd)
  30. Texas Coffee Traders (E. 4th St)
  31. Sorrento’s Coffee (W. Anderson Ln)
  32. It’s a Grind Coffee House (W. Parmer Ln)
  33. Trianon Coffee (Bee Cave Rd)
  34. Cuppa Austin (W. Parmer Ln)
  35. Hideout Coffeehouse (S. Congress Ave)
  36. Fara Cafe (Presidential Blvd)
  37. Bouldin Creek Cafe (S. 1st St)
  38. Joels Coffee (Lakeline Blvd)
  39. Cafe Creme (E. Oltorf St)
  40. Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze (Airport Blvd)
  41. Cuvee Coffee Bar (E. 6th St)
  42. Seventh Flag Coffee (S. 1st St)
  43. Elixer Coffee (Airport Blvd)
  44. Dolce Vita (Duval St)