Welcome to The Amor for Purple!

Hiiiii internet world!

Welcome to my lovely (and first ever, not counting xanga or myspace #tbt) blog – The Amor for Purple. The idea of starting a blog flourished at the beginning of 2015… you know, as one of those many New Year’s resolutions one comes up with but doesn’t get to until the year is almost over and you think, “oh shit, I need to start thinking about NEXT year’s New Years resolutions.”

So here we are, sitting in a cozy, house-turned-to-coffee shop in downtown Austin, TX, thinking of words to use to describe the premise of The Amor For Purple [learn the meaning behind the title of my blog here]. The overall goal of this blog (and #lifegoals in general) is to make you giggle, weep, ponder, doubt, and to insert another verb you might experience in the future by sharing with you my actions, thoughts, and experiences – deep or shallow, big or small, significant or insignificant. In other words, I am extending an invitation for you to join me in this freshly new journey called, “The Amor for Purple.” That means to also let me know of my grammatical errors. FOREAL, please. Grammar is #lyfe. You, your, you’re. There, there’s, their. His, hers, she’s, he’s, etc. You catch my drift? Okay, cool beans.

Sidenote: If a word or phrase is bolded and/or has a different color font, then it is a link guiding you to another facet of my life. Woah, that got deep. In other words, just click on it – surprise and adventure await.

Contacting me!

Feel free to email me your thoughts and/or suggestions at any time. I’m also alive and well on various social media platforms, including twitter, instagram, and/or pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Amor for Purple!

    1. The challenge is thinking of doable, realistic resolutions. More towards self-improvement. The goal is to discover more about yourself – not to put yourself down by not accomplishing something you knew you wouldn’t 🙂 Good luck, Elle!

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