Thanksgiving 2k15 – FROGS WIN

Hello friends and guests,

The holidays are my favorite time of the year, next to my birthday of course. Thanksgiving is not only about stuffing your face with turkey and green beans -as delicious as both may be. It is also about self-reflection and preparing yourself to spend a ton of money on Black Friday. LOL just kidding. Seriously though, once you reflect upon your actions and attitude, the action of gratitude towards the people and things you love become clearer. Keep in mind that no matter the circumstance, actions do speak louder than words. Make the effort of acting as opposed to just talking – it’ll make a difference.

Thanksgiving 2k15 was insane. In so many ways. First, my parents flew in from Ecuador Thursday morning. That’s correct, on THANKSGIVING DAY. To say the least, I was thankful they came back safe and happy. I was also thankful La Madeleine stayed open until 2 pm because that is where we ate lunch. No way my mom was cooking after flying out of Quito, Ecuador at 12 am and getting to TX at 11:30 am (they had a layover in Atlanta). Are you wondering how come I didn’t cook instead? You can keep wondering 😛 Nonetheless, we had a peaceful Thanksgiving. Minus the fact it started storming at 7 pm. This will lead me to my second point.

Second, TCU beat Baylor on Friday, November 27th, 28-21. It is an understatement to say that the game was interesting and/or exciting because IT WAS TOTALLY BEYOND THAT AND EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. Yes, it thunder stormed. Yes, the temperature was in the low 30s with a wind chill of low 20s. So yes, you could describe the weather as miserable. BUT, all of those elements made the game THAT much more memorable. I may have slipped and fallen walking to and from the stadium and in the stadium just as many times as the TCU and Baylor players did on the field that night. Not kidding. My whole body ached the next day #battlescars

Two of my friends, Taylor and Hamilton, came with me to the game. Fun facts: Taylor graduated from UT last year, and Hamilton is graduating from Texas Tech this upcoming May. Those are some GREAT friends. Hey, as long as we have mutual feelings towards Baylor Football and Art Briles, then all is good. (sidenote: another good friend of ours is a Baylor grad… we love him. He knows I like to talk shit.)

Anyway, I’m thankful to not have a cold after having witnessed a great rivalry game between TCU and Baylor in storming weather. In fact, the win was just too good that I watched the game two more times at home with my dad. Sorry not sorry for that. Shout out to all the players, coaches, faculty/staff, alumni, students, and fans who made it through the game. Rain or shine, WE DEM FRAWGZ. You bet your ass I’ll be wearing purple at work this upcoming week.

And third, I’m thankful for my family and friends. My parents, sister and brother already know how much they mean to me – without them, there wouldn’t be a Ceci in this world to make you laugh.

As time goes on, your circle of trust becomes smaller and smaller. There might be times the circle grows a bit, but for the most part, you begin to realize you only have a couple of TRUE friends. At least, that is how I feel. The saying, “keep your friends close, your enemies closer,” does not apply to me because I don’t associate myself with my enemies. And by enemies, I mean those who put me down, those who don’t make an effort at saving the friendship, and/or those who don’t challenge me. Piece of advice: move on from those who bring more sorrow than laughter into your life. Or especially those who don’t challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

Some people are in our lives for a temporary time. Don’t spend time on those who don’t deserve your time. My mother once told me to compare a friendship to a plant – a plant needs water, light, and air to grow and flourish. A friendship needs communication, attention, and care. You don’t have to see a friend every day or talk to them everyday. Rather, it is about the quality of time you set aside that shows the type of commitment you are giving to that friend. Remember, every friendship is different – the type of nourishment you give to one friend will differ from another. That being said, THEY also have to put in the effort.

In the end, life does not stop. Priorities change, people change, the world changes. If you accept that people will come and go, then your life just got a little bit easier to manage.



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