Scenic Overlook of 2015

Slacking. That is what I’ve been doing with this blog. Since my last post, I’ve gone to Kansas, met my beautiful nephew, spent Christmas with my parents, and now about to welcome 2016. A lot has happened since my last post, and in 2015 overall, so instead of posting multiple posts about those events, I’m going to go ahead and give you an overlook of my year – it was quite an adventurous one. To say the least, 2015 did well. And so did I.


  • On January 1st, my sister and Josh told my parents they were going to become grandparents
  • Attended my fist AOII Founder’s Day as an AOII alumna on January 24th


  • Mateo got neutered on January 30th – he will forever squat to pee. Sorry Matt :/


  • February 6th – my 23rd birthday. Holy ballz, it was by far the best birthday celebration I’ve had. Everything went smoothly – from dinner to the end of the night. Also, it didn’t hurt that Andy and Jordan Dalton (yes, both TCU alumni) had dinner at Pacific Table at the same time. GO FROGS and GO BENGALS. Thank you to all my friends who made it out that night – all of you mean the WORLD to me! Special shout out to: Michelle, Hammy, John and Mary, Tariq, Hayley and Patrick, Scotty, Alison and Ryan.
  • February 27th – watched all of House of Cards seasons 3 in two days.


  • Spring break in NEWPORT BEACH, CA with the amazing Sara and the Cluck family. I had the best time exploring Balboa Island, Laguna Beach, and Newport with Sara and her family. Thank you for a great time!
  • March 14th – St. Patty’s day with my broda, Tariq. Life wouldn’t be the same without him 🙂


  • April 13th – 11 years since my brother’s passing. I miss him more and more each day.
  • April 25th – First time going to EdgeFest! Saw one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie, perform.


  • An old high school friend got engaged on her birthday. First close friend to get engaged.
  • VEGAS FOR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, BABY!!!! Lost $400 ($100 were lost the last day we were there, in the matter of 3 minutes) as well as my dignity. LOLZ jk, I did miss quite a magic show though. Vegas, you have stolen a piece of my heart. I will see you this upcoming year, FOSHO


  • Besides becoming an official TCU FOOTBALL SEASON TICKET HOLDER, nothing too exciting happened in the month of June… Father’s Day? For me, everyday is Father’s Day because I love my daddy to the end of the world and back.


  • Spent the 4th of July in Lawrence, KS with my pregnant sister and Josh. Always a GREAT time visiting those two (well, now those THREE)
  • Lots of July birthdays, including my mother’s 63rd and my brother’s 32nd


  • August 3rd — JULIAN TROY IS BORN. I officially became an aunt!
  • THINGS GET INTERESTING… mainly because I moved to Austin mid-August. Complete 180. Best decision I made in 2015.
  • August 18th – Mateo’s 1st birthday 😀
  • August 24th — first day working for Dell. Technology, DELL YEAH. Such a great group of friends I’ve made at Dell… I have no other words to describe them.


  • This month consisted of spending most of my money on furniture and gas. I had to furnish an apartment for myself and drive back to Ft Worth every weekend. Adventurous? Sure, why not
  • Sept 3rd – TCU vs Minnesota. First game of the season.
  • Labor Day weekend? Pretty memorable one with Morgan, Kara, Cluck, Howarth, and Makenna #sororitysisters
  • Sept 12th — TCU vs SFA. What a joke.
  • Sept 18th – Congrats, Katie and Chris – wish y’all the best of luck.
  • Sept 19th – TCU vs SMU, great game, great memories.
  • Sept 26th – TCU vs Texas Tech. Close game, my friends, close game.


  • Oct 3rd – TCU vs UT, homecoming game. Guess who won? Oh yeah, TCU. BY A LOT.
  • Oct 10th – TCU vs KState. “This screen is soooo soft”
  • Oct 17th – TCU vs Iowa State. First time volunteering at Dogtoberfest!
  • Oct 29th – TCU vs West Virginia. Thursday night games are not my go-to.
  • Oct 3oth – dressed up as Macklemore and went to Troy’s med school halloween party in Dallas. Pretty memorable, to say the least
  • Oct 31st – took my parents to the airport… they went off to Ecuador for a whole month


  • Meanwhile in Austin…
  • Nov 7th – TCU vs OSU
  • Nov 14th – TCU vs KU
  • Nov 21st – TCU vs OU
  • Thanksgiving morning, my parents flew back from Ecuador, had Thanksgiving lunch at La Madeleine, and then hung out for the rest of the day
  • Nov 27th – 28-21. TCU gets revenge from Baylor. Miserable weather, still fought through. Shoutout to Hammy and Taylor for being good sports and cheering on for my Frogs that day.


  • MET MY BEAUTIFUL NEPHEW!!!!!! Julian Troy Canelos Spain. The most perfect baby to ever exist. Yeah, I’m biased since I’m his aunt. Can’t wait to take him to his first TCU football, basketball, baseball games as well as tennis matches.
  • Christmas was beautifully spent with my mom and dad. Spent quality time with meaningful friends.

Needless to say, 2015 was an incredible, life-changing year for many of us. Let’s toast to a good NYE and welcome 2016 with an open heart, open mind, and open arms. By bettering yourself, you better those around you. Challenge yourself to learn something new, pursue a hobby you’ve had on your mind, and let go of the things that won’t matter in a couple of years. Only God knows if this upcoming year will be your last. Morbid but true.



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