Epoch Coffee

There are two locations in Austin: one on W. Anderson Ln and the other on W. North Loop Blvd, which is open 24/7. I came to the W. North Loop Blvd location, arriving at approx. 5:45 pm. Place was PACKED with a mix of undergrad and grad students, families, couples, people chatting while sipping on some coffee while others had their eyes fixed on either a screen or a book. There was no where to sit inside, so after ordering my first cup of coffee – a Mocha Latte – (eek, I know, I will most probably not sleep tonight), I stepped outside to sit in the patio.


Given the fact that the temperature outside is in the 50’s, I kept a lookout for a table inside to clear out. Sipping on my mocha latte, I waited on a high rise table outside for about 20-30 minutes before moving inside once a table was cleared.

The coffee shop has a quaint ambiance, with sofa chairs and couches as well as wooden tables and chairs spread throughout the shop. Epoch Coffee also sells pies! I didn’t try one this time – I’m sticking to just coffee for now. I was planning to leave before 7 pm to watch the TCU vs OU game back at my apt. That didn’t happen. Instead, I am streaming it on my phone. GO FROGS. Too many turnovers happening right now. Oh well.

It’s 8:32 pm now, and I’m on my second cup of coffee. Deciding to try something new, I ordered a Mexican Latte. I asked the barista what it was, but as soon as he said, “it has cinnamon and mocha…” I stopped listening and ordered one. IT IS DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it. I want to say it’s their specialty drink… but I’m not sure.


I honestly don’t even know why I ordered a second cup of coffee… it’s not like I need to stay up tonight. On the contrary, I need to go to bed somewhat early as I plan to wake up early tomorrow to go to mass and then go hike Barton Creek Greenbelt with Mateo. Mateo and I hiked at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park this morning for almost 2 hours. ATX was blessed with a beautiful (but a bit windy) day today. We definitely took advantage of it. After our hike, we ate a yummy lunch and then napped for 3 hours. It was glorious.

Alright, I’m not sure how to end this now as I don’t really have anything else to say… besides Epoch Coffee was great. And, the hike this morning with Mateo was also great. The football game against OU is not going great… but hey, we gotta #uniteforthefight. I’ll leave it at that.

[Update, 11:20 PM] TCU lost 29-30. WE WERE SO CLOSE, HORNED FROGS. We united for the fight. So proud of the TCU Football team – put up a great fight. Now, let’s get up, move on, and prepare ourselves for Baylor next Friday. GO FROGS


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