Ceci is the Name, Laughter is the Game

About me!

Photocred: Raul Mosley

My name is Cecilia, otherwise known as Ceci (Sessy), Cec (Sess), Ce (Seh), TCU (Tea Sea You), or Princess Consuela (if you get the reference, then we can most def be FRIENDS – no pun intended). I’m a 90’s kid – born in 1992 to be exact. Same day as President Ronald Reagan, if you’re into history. I was born in Quito, Ecuador and grew up in Mansfield, Texas. And yes, I fluently speak English and Spanish, sometimes even Spanglish.

I am the baby of my family, getting all the attention since day one. Hey, I ain’t mad ’bout it. My older sister and brother are legit, and my parents are the cutest, most loving people. My p-unit don’t speak English, so you’ll win them over if you at least attempt to speak Spanish to them.

I graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology on May 2014. If you are super curious to see my academic and professional background, then feel free to check out my LinkedIn. I am a younger and older sister to many AΟΠ‘s. My favorite college experience was being a student-athlete tutor. I enjoyed it so much that I kept tutoring even after graduating from college until I moved to Austin, TX.

I became a dog owner on October 2014 – his name is Mateo (Meet Mateo the Havanese Puppy). I try my best to deviate away from using “the best,” because, let’s be honest, nothing is really “the best.” However, Mateo comes pretty damn close to it.

A strong gravitational pull exists between me and anything that is glimmery, shimmery, and sparkly. Also, towards avocados. And, although I thought I would never move away from my parents and Fort Worth, I recently moved to the weirdest coolest city in Texas: Austin! You could say ATX gave me the final “oomph” to begin writing this blog. ATX says to all the readers, “You’re welcome, internet world, you are welcome.”